Ranking of Monthly Minimum Wage Across Countries

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Explore the ranking of monthly minimum wage across countries and learn about the disparities that exist. Find out which countries offer the highest and lowest minimum wages and understand the implications for workers and the economy.

The monthly minimum wage varies widely across the world. Here is a ranking list of countries with the highest and lowest minimum wages:

  1. Australia: $2,825 USD
  2. Luxembourg: $2,608 USD
  3. Singapore: $2,376 USD
  4. United States: $1,472 USD
  5. Canada: $1,394 USD

And here are the countries with the lowest minimum wages:

  1. Madagascar: $43 USD
  2. Ethiopia: $48 USD
  3. Bangladesh: $63 USD
  4. Tajikistan: $79 USD
  5. Nepal: $89 USD

Please note that these numbers are approximate and may be subject to change. It is important to consider that the minimum wage is just one aspect of each country’s economic landscape and may not necessarily reflect the cost of living or overall labor conditions.

Monthly Wage Ranking Across Countries

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