Top 10 Heaviest Humans Ever Recorded and the Importance of Managing Obesity

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Explore the top 10 heaviest humans ever recorded and learn about the importance of managing obesity for health and well-being. These individuals faced severe health challenges due to their extreme obesity, and their stories underscore the importance of addressing and managing obesity for health and well-being.


Obesity is a global health issue that affects millions of people around the world. While it can lead to various health complications, there have been extreme cases where individuals reached astonishing weights. In this article, we will explore the top 10 heaviest humans ever recorded and highlight the importance of managing obesity for health and well-being.

1. Jon Brower Minnoch – 635 KG

Jon Brower Minnoch, from the United States, holds the record for the heaviest human ever recorded. At his peak weight of 635 kilograms, he faced severe health challenges and was confined to his bed for years. His story sheds light on the dangers of extreme obesity and the need for intervention.

2. Khalid bin Mohsen Shaari – 610 KG

Khalid bin Mohsen Shaari, from Saudi Arabia, weighed 610 kilograms at his highest recorded weight. His struggle with obesity was featured in the media, bringing attention to the health risks associated with excessive weight gain.

3. Manuel Uribe – 597 KG

Manuel Uribe, from Mexico, was known as one of the heaviest individuals in the world. At his peak weight of 597 kilograms, he required assistance for even the simplest tasks. His journey to lose weight and improve his health became an inspiration for many.

4. Carol Yager – 544 KG

Carol Yager, from the United States, reached a weight of 544 kilograms. Sadly, her extreme obesity contributed to her premature death at the age of 34. Her story serves as a reminder of the urgent need to address obesity and its associated health risks.

5. Walter Hudson – 543 KG

Walter Hudson, also from the United States, weighed 543 kilograms at his heaviest. His struggle with obesity was widely covered by the media, raising awareness about the physical and emotional toll that extreme weight gain can have on an individual.

6. Michael Hebranko – 500 KG

Michael Hebranko, from the United States, faced numerous health challenges due to his weight. At 500 kilograms, he sought medical intervention to address his obesity and improve his overall well-being.

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