Public Opinion of India: A Global Perspective

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Public opinion plays a crucial role in shaping the perception of a country on the global stage. It reflects the sentiments and attitudes of people towards a particular nation, its culture, and its people. In recent years, India has gained significant attention and recognition for its economic growth, cultural diversity, and diplomatic influence. As per the Pew Research Center’s 2023 survey, let’s take a closer look at the percentage of people who have a favorable opinion of India in various countries around the world.

Positive Sentiments Towards India

India has garnered a favorable opinion in several countries, indicating the positive perception people hold towards the nation. Topping the list is Israel, with an impressive 71% of people having a favorable opinion of India. This strong bond between the two nations can be attributed to historical, cultural, and strategic ties.

The United Kingdom follows closely with 66% of people expressing a favorable opinion of India. The historical connection between the two countries, coupled with the Indian diaspora’s significant presence in the UK, has contributed to this positive sentiment.

Kenya and Nigeria, two African nations, demonstrate a favorable opinion of India at 64% and 60% respectively. This reflects the growing economic and diplomatic ties between India and African countries, as well as India’s contributions to development projects and capacity-building initiatives in the region.

South Korea and Japan, two Asian powerhouses, have 58% and 55% of their populations expressing a favorable opinion of India. This can be attributed to India’s growing influence in the region, particularly in the fields of technology, trade, and cultural exchanges.

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Varied Perspectives

While India enjoys a favorable opinion in many countries, there are variations in the level of positive sentiment. For instance, Italy and Australia both have 52% of their populations expressing a favorable opinion of India. This indicates a relatively positive perception, but not as strong as in some other countries.

The United States and Canada, two North American nations, have 51% and 47% of their populations respectively expressing a favorable opinion of India. Given the large Indian diaspora in both countries and the deepening economic and strategic ties, these numbers reflect a generally positive sentiment.

On the other hand, countries like Germany, Poland, and Sweden have a slightly lower percentage of people with a favorable opinion of India, ranging from 46% to 47%. These numbers can be attributed to varying levels of exposure to and knowledge about India, as well as differences in cultural and historical contexts.

Challenges and Opportunities

While India enjoys a favorable opinion in many countries, there are also challenges to be addressed. Countries like Spain, Greece, and Argentina have relatively lower percentages of people with a favorable opinion of India, ranging from 33% to 34%. These numbers may reflect limited exposure to India or a lack of awareness about its cultural, economic, and diplomatic contributions.

However, these challenges also present opportunities for India to engage in cultural diplomacy, enhance people-to-people exchanges, and promote a more positive image globally. By leveraging its soft power, India can work towards building stronger relationships and fostering a deeper understanding of its rich heritage and contemporary achievements.


Public opinion of a country is a complex and dynamic aspect that can be influenced by a multitude of factors. The Pew Research Center’s survey provides valuable insights into the global perception of India, highlighting the positive sentiments in many countries while also shedding light on areas that require further attention.

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India’s growing global influence, economic prowess, and cultural richness make it an important player on the world stage. By nurturing positive public opinion and addressing challenges, India can continue to strengthen its global partnerships and enhance its standing in the international community.

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