Top 10 Countries that do not have any Diplomatic Relations with Israel

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Explore the intriguing list of top 10 countries without diplomatic ties to Israel. Delve into the geopolitical landscape and understand the nuances of international relations in this revealing article.

Top 10 Countries that do not have any Diplomatic Relations with Israel

Israel, a country located in the Middle East, has faced numerous challenges in establishing diplomatic relations with several nations. Despite its efforts to foster peaceful relationships with countries around the world, there are still a significant number of nations that do not have any diplomatic ties with Israel. In this article, we will explore the top countries that do not have any diplomatic relations with Israel.

1. Iran

Iran, a country in the Middle East, has been a vocal opponent of Israel since the Islamic Revolution in 1979. The Iranian government does not recognize the state of Israel and has openly called for its destruction.

2. Iraq

Another country that does not have diplomatic relations with Israel is Iraq. The relationship between these two nations has been strained due to historical and political reasons.

3. Pakistan

Pakistan, a country in South Asia, does not have diplomatic relations with Israel. The Pakistani government has consistently supported the Palestinian cause and has not recognized Israel as a state.

4. Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia, a country in the Arabian Peninsula, does not have official diplomatic relations with Israel. However, there have been reports of behind-the-scenes cooperation between the two countries on certain issues.

5. Malaysia

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