G20 Countries and their Recognition of Palestine

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The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been a long-standing issue in the Middle East, with Palestine seeking recognition as an independent state. The recognition of Palestine by different countries holds significant importance in the international community. In this blog post, we will discuss the position of G20 countries on the recognition of Palestine.

Recognised Countries:

Several G20 countries have officially recognized Palestine as a state:

  • Argentina 🇦🇷
  • Brazil 🇧🇷
  • China 🇨🇳
  • India 🇮🇳
  • Indonesia 🇮🇩
  • Russia 🇷🇺
  • Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦
  • South Africa 🇿🇦
  • Turkey 🇹🇷

These countries have extended diplomatic recognition to Palestine, acknowledging its right to self-determination and statehood.

Unrecognised Countries:

On the other hand, some G20 countries have not recognized Palestine as an independent state:

  • Australia 🇦🇺
  • Canada 🇨🇦
  • France 🇫🇷
  • Germany 🇩🇪
  • Italy 🇮🇹
  • Japan 🇯🇵
  • South Korea 🇰🇷
  • Mexico 🇲🇽
  • United Kingdom 🇬🇧
  • United States 🇺🇲

These countries have not officially recognized Palestine as a state, either due to political reasons, concerns about the peace process, or alignment with the United States’ position on the issue.

The recognition of Palestine by G20 countries has implications for international diplomacy and the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. It reflects the varying positions and interests of these countries in the region.

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