Exploring the Least Populous Countries in the World

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Discover the least populous countries in the world, including Vatican City and Tokelau. Explore their unique attractions and charm, and consider these off-the-beaten-path destinations for your next adventure.

When we think of countries, we often imagine bustling cities, expansive landscapes, and diverse cultures. However, there are some countries that defy these expectations with their small populations. In this article, we will explore the least populous countries in the world.

Vatican City

At the top of the list is Vatican City, the smallest internationally recognized independent state in the world. With a population of only 518 inhabitants, it is also the least populous country on Earth. Known for being the spiritual and administrative headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church, Vatican City is a unique destination for travelers.


Situated in the South Pacific, Tokelau is a group of three coral atolls with a population of 1,893. Despite its small size, Tokelau is known for its stunning natural beauty, including pristine beaches and vibrant marine life.


Located in the South Pacific Ocean, Niue is an island country with a population of 1,935. Known as the “Rock of Polynesia,” Niue is renowned for its rugged coastline, limestone caves, and vibrant coral reefs.

Falkland Islands

The Falkland Islands, a British Overseas Territory in the South Atlantic Ocean, have a population of 3,791. These remote islands are home to a diverse range of wildlife, including penguins, seals, and albatrosses.


With a population of 4,386, Montserrat is a British Overseas Territory in the Caribbean. Known as the “Emerald Isle of the Caribbean,” Montserrat offers stunning natural beauty, including lush green hills and pristine beaches.

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