Top 10 Lowest Temperature Ever Recorded in Different Places

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Explore the top 10 lowest temperatures ever recorded in different places around the world. From Antarctica to Russia, discover the bone-chilling temperatures that have been experienced in these extreme locations.

Antarctica: -89.2 °C 🇦🇶

Antarctica, the southernmost continent, holds the record for the lowest temperature ever recorded. With a bone-chilling -89.2 °C, it is an inhospitable place where only a few brave scientists and researchers venture.

Russia: -67.8 °C 🇷🇺

Russia, the largest country in the world, experiences extreme cold temperatures. The town of Verkhoyansk holds the record for the lowest temperature in Russia at -67.8 °C.

Canada: -63.0 °C 🇨🇦

Canada, known for its vast wilderness and icy landscapes, has witnessed some of the coldest temperatures on Earth. Snag, a small village in the Yukon territory, recorded a bone-chilling -63.0 °C.

USA: -62.2 °C 🇺🇸

The United States is no stranger to freezing temperatures, especially in Alaska. Prospect Creek Camp in Alaska holds the record for the lowest temperature in the country at -62.2 °C.

Kazakhstan: -57.0 °C 🇰🇿

Kazakhstan, the largest landlocked country in the world, experiences harsh winters. The village of Astana holds the record for the lowest temperature in Kazakhstan at -57.0 °C.

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