Elephant Population by Country: A Comprehensive Analysis

Elephant Population by Country: A Comprehensive Analysis


Elephants are magnificent creatures that have captured the hearts of people around the world. They are not only iconic but also play a crucial role in maintaining the balance of ecosystems. However, the global elephant population has been declining at an alarming rate due to various factors such as poaching, habitat loss, and human-wildlife conflict.

Elephant Population by Country

It is essential to understand the current state of elephant populations in different countries to develop effective conservation strategies. Here is a comprehensive analysis of the elephant population by country:

CountryElephant Population
Botswana130,000 🐘
Zimbabwe100,000 🐘
Tanzania81,000 🐘
Gabon50,000 🐘
Kenya36,000 🐘
India32,500 🐘
Zambia26,500 🐘
Namibia25,000 🐘
South Africa24,000 🐘
Congo16,000 🐘
DR Congo13,500 🐘
Mozambique10,800 🐘
Sri Lanka7,500 🐘
Cameroon6,500 🐘
Sudan5,000 🐘
Uganda4,800 🐘
Burkina Faso4,500 🐘
Myanmar4,500 🐘
Thailand3,500 🐘
Angola3,300 🐘
Malaysia3,000 🐘
Ethiopia1,750 🐘
Benin1,700 🐘
Indonesia1,500 🐘
Malawi1,300 🐘
Laos1,100 🐘
South Sudan900 🐘
Equatorial Guinea850 🐘
Central African Republic570 🐘
Chad500 🐘
Liberia400 🐘
Bhutan400 🐘
Mali350 🐘
Ghana325 🐘
Nigeria300 🐘
Niger280 🐘
Cambodia260 🐘
Cote D’ivoire225 🐘
China210 🐘
Guinea200 🐘
Bangladesh200 🐘
Nepal150 🐘
Togo120 🐘
Eritrea100 🐘
Rwanda100 🐘
Vietnam85 🐘
Sierra Leone70 🐘
Eswatini39 🐘
Senegal7 🐘
Guinea Bissau5 🐘

Implications and Conservation Efforts

The data presented above highlights the varying elephant populations across different countries. It is evident that some countries, like Botswana and Zimbabwe, have a significantly higher elephant population compared to others.

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