Top 10 Countries with the Best Global Youth Development Index Rank

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The Global Youth Development Index (GYDI) is a comprehensive assessment of the opportunities and challenges faced by young people around the world. It measures various dimensions of youth development, including education, employment, health, and political participation. In this blog post, we will explore the top 10 countries that have achieved the highest rankings in the GYDI.

1. Switzerland

Switzerland takes the top spot in the Global Youth Development Index. The country excels in education, with a high literacy rate and a strong emphasis on vocational training. It also provides ample employment opportunities for young people, with a low youth unemployment rate.

2. Germany

Germany ranks second in the GYDI. The country is known for its robust education system, which combines theoretical learning with practical training. It also offers numerous apprenticeship programs that help young people gain valuable work experience.

3. Denmark

Denmark is third on the list, thanks to its strong focus on social inclusion and equal opportunities for young people. The country has a comprehensive welfare system that provides support to those in need, including young individuals.

4. Netherlands

The Netherlands secures the fourth position in the GYDI. The country’s education system is highly regarded, and it places a strong emphasis on innovation and creativity. The Dutch government also invests in programs that promote youth entrepreneurship.

5. Norway

Norway is fifth on the list, with a high score in the education and health dimensions of youth development. The country offers free education, including higher education, to all its citizens. It also has a strong healthcare system that ensures the well-being of its young population.

6. Sweden

Sweden ranks sixth in the GYDI. The country is known for its progressive policies and commitment to gender equality. It offers a wide range of educational opportunities and has a strong support system in place for young people.

7. Finland

Finland takes the seventh spot in the GYDI. The country’s education system is renowned for its high standards and innovative teaching methods. It also prioritizes the well-being of its young citizens, with a focus on mental health and overall happiness.

8. Australia

Australia ranks eighth in the GYDI. The country offers a diverse range of educational opportunities and has a strong focus on vocational training. It also provides various support programs for young people, including mentorship and career guidance.

9. Canada

Canada secures the ninth position in the GYDI. The country is known for its multiculturalism and inclusivity. It offers quality education and has a strong commitment to providing equal opportunities for all young individuals.

10. Luxembourg

Luxembourg rounds off the top 10 countries in the GYDI. The country’s education system is highly regarded, and it places a strong emphasis on multilingualism. It also provides a supportive environment for young entrepreneurs.


The top 10 countries with the best Global Youth Development Index rank have demonstrated their commitment to investing in the future of their young population. Through their focus on education, employment, health, and social inclusion, these countries have created an environment that nurtures the potential of their youth. By learning from their successes, other nations can work towards improving their own youth development initiatives.

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