Actionable Feedback Policy

At GlobalRank.Top, we value transparency and actively encourage feedback from our readers. We believe engaging with the public and soliciting critiques makes our platform better.

Collection of Feedback

There are several ways readers can submit feedback about our rankings, methodologies, and content:

  • Email us directly at
  • Use the feedback form on each ranking page
  • Comment on any article or social media post
  • Participate in reader surveys and interviews

We collect all feedback in a centralized database for review and action. All substantive feedback is read by our research team.

Response and Implementation

Every piece of feedback is catalogued and analyzed to identify areas for improvement. If issues are identified with our methodology or data, we take corrective actions, including:

  • Re-evaluating our formulas and calculations
  • Expanding the scope and diversity of our data sources
  • Updating flawed information that is factually inaccurate
  • Adding new metrics or categories to provide more insights

After major methodology changes, we announce updates publicly via the website, social media, and email newsletter.

Ranking Reconsideration Requests

For formal reconsideration of a specific ranking, there is a standard process:

  1. The ranked entity submits a request via email with evidence supporting why a ranking change is warranted.
  2. Our research team reviews the submission and assesses if there are grounds for an update based on the established methodology.
  3. If a change is justified, we will update the ranking and publicly post the reason for the change.
  4. If no change is warranted, we explain why through an official response.

By maintaining an open and active feedback process, we uphold transparency while producing the most accurate rankings. Public engagement strengthens GlobalRank.Top’s integrity.

Abu Sayed

Abu Sayed

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