Diversity Staffing Report

At GlobalRank.Top, we are committed to cultivating a diverse and inclusive workplace. Our staffing, hiring, and employment policies aim to attract, develop, and retain qualified individuals of all backgrounds.

Staff Diversity

We track and report on staff diversity across multiple dimensions including gender identity, ethnicity, age, education, nationality, and more. Our current staff breakdown is:

  • Gender: 43% male, 54% female, 3% non-binary
  • Ethnicities: 57% White, 23% Asian, 11% Black, 5% Hispanic/Latino, 4% Mixed/Other
  • Age: 15% under 30, 68% 30-50 years old, 17% over 50

View our public diversity report for full details.

Equal Opportunity Hiring

Our hiring process is designed to remove unconscious biases. We require diverse candidate slates and anonymized resume screening. Interviews are conducted using standardized, competency-based rubrics.

Job postings explicitly invite candidates of underrepresented identities to apply. Open positions are circulated through minority professional networks.

Anti-Discrimination Policies

GlobalRank.Top prohibits any discrimination based on protected characteristics including race, gender, age, religion, nationality, disability, or sexual orientation. Violations result in disciplinary action.

We provide regular bias training for people managers. Complaints can be reported confidentially without retaliation. An independent board reviews reported cases.

Workforce Inclusion

We foster an inclusive culture through education, open dialogue, and zero-tolerance for harassment. Resource groups, guest speakers, and events celebrate diversity.

Policies support flexibility for religious practices, disabilities, family needs, and more. Our facilities meet accessibility standards.

By weaving diversity and inclusion throughout our staffing processes and workplace culture, we empower innovation. Our diverse teams make us stronger.

Abu Sayed

Abu Sayed

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