Top 10 Largest Dams in the World

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Discover the top 10 largest dams in the world, including the Three Gorges Dam, Itaipu Dam, and Xiluodu Dam. Learn about their impressive stats and contributions to flood control, power generation, and more.

1. Three Gorges Dam – 🇨🇳

The Three Gorges Dam, located in China, is the largest dam in the world. It spans the Yangtze River and is an engineering marvel. With a height of 185 meters and a length of 2.3 kilometers, it has a total capacity of 39.3 billion cubic meters. The dam plays a crucial role in flood control, power generation, and navigation in the region.

2. Itaipu Dam – 🇧🇷

The Itaipu Dam, situated on the Paraná River between Brazil and Paraguay, is the second-largest dam globally. This joint venture between the two countries generates a massive amount of electricity. With a height of 196 meters and a length of 7.7 kilometers, the Itaipu Dam has a capacity of 29.5 billion cubic meters.

3. Xiluodu Dam – 🇨🇳

The Xiluodu Dam, also located in China, is the third-largest dam in the world. It is built on the Jinsha River and serves multiple purposes, including flood control and power generation. With a height of 285.5 meters and a length of 700 meters, the Xiluodu Dam has a capacity of 12.67 billion cubic meters.

4. Guri Dam – 🇻🇪

The Guri Dam, situated in Venezuela, is the fourth-largest dam globally. Built on the Caroni River, it is a vital source of hydroelectric power for the country. With a height of 162 meters and a length of 7.426 kilometers, the Guri Dam has a capacity of 10.235 billion cubic meters.

5. Tucuruí Dam – 🇧🇷

The Tucuruí Dam, located in Brazil, is the fifth-largest dam in the world. It is constructed on the Tocantins River and is a significant contributor to Brazil’s power grid. With a height of 78 meters and a length of 11.55 kilometers, the Tucuruí Dam has a capacity of 45.9 billion cubic meters.

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